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The main products are: internal drip irrigation pipe, drip irrigation belt, spray irrigation belt, drip head, nozzle regulator, etc., and various irrigation equipment and filter head system equipment, water fertilizer equipment,
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Yibiyuan water saving equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is located in juancheng Industrial Park, the hometown of peony. It is a professional company in water-saving irrigation industry. The company's main products are: inlaid drip pipe, drip irrigation belt, sprinkler belt, emitter, nozzle, flow regulator and other emitter and filter head system equipment, water and fertilizer machine equipment, and supporting the production of various specifications of PVC. PE pipe, pipe fittings, water belt.

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How to Use and Maintain Net Filter?
1. Check the condition of the pressure gauge to see if it is working properly.2. Check the pressure values of pressure gauge 1 and pressure gauge 2, when the difference between the pressure values of the two pressure gauges exceeds 0.02GP, clean the filter screen. The filter cleaning method is as
 Water-saving equipment category
Based on the definition and connotation of the above-mentioned water-saving products, it can be divided into the following categories from the principles and approaches of water-saving:(1) Products that directly improve the use efficiency of water resourcesIt is a water-consumable product, and it
Nozzles in Drip Irrigation Systems
Often preferred by panorama gardeners and terrific for plants that don’t do nicely with water on their leaves (like tomatoes and eggplants), point-source emitters are non-adjustable, preset nozzles that distribute a fixed amount of water to a plant in line with hour. they’re terrific to be used
An Automated Single-Pipe Irrigation
Gated irrigation pipe may be used for each water conveyance and water distribution. whilst a single gated pipeline is used for a number of irrigation sets, one institution of gates should be closed and every other organization opened at each irrigation set trade. this calls for great exertions
The Composition of Ground-inserting Micro-spray Sprinkler
Micro-sprinkler: the ground-inserting micro-sprinkler generally adopts the ground-inserting refraction atomization micro-sprinkler or the ground-inserting double-sided wheel micro-sprinkler with better atomization effect, so as to provide better atomization effect or larger spraying radius and meet
When choosing a dripper, pay more attention to the flow rate, working pressure and scope of the dripper. The selection of these parameters should rely on a reasonable irrigation system, comprehensive crops, planting patterns, and soil quality.So for the dripper itself, we should also consider the

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