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The main products are: internal drip irrigation pipe, drip irrigation belt, spray irrigation belt, drip head, nozzle regulator, etc., and various irrigation equipment and filter head system equipment, water fertilizer equipment,
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Yibiyuan water saving equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is located in juancheng Industrial Park, the hometown of peony. It is a professional company in water-saving irrigation industry. The company's main products are: inlaid drip pipe, drip irrigation belt, sprinkler belt, emitter, nozzle, flow regulator and other emitter and filter head system equipment, water and fertilizer machine equipment, and supporting the production of various specifications of PVC. PE pipe, pipe fittings, water belt.

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Drip Irrigation Tape
Drip irrigation is a relatively water-saving irrigation method. Its realization requires the combination of many equipment and efforts. Among them, it includes what we are going to talk about today: drip irrigation tape and drip irrigation pipe. Drip tape and drip irrigation pipe are two different
This product is used when the drip irrigation system uses tape as the main pipeline. The branch water source, the main pipeline (soft belt) is connected with the drip irrigation belt, so that the water in the main pipeline (soft belt) flows into the drip irrigation belt separately.Use a punching
Laminated Filter
The stack clean out is composed of a hard and fast of plates with grooves on each sides. the intersection point shaped with the resource of the rims of the grooves can intercept the solids in the water. at the equal time, due to the reality the stack filter out machine has the tendencies of
Drip Irrigation Tape
1. The location of the water source and the head hub is generally selected in the middle of the plot, and the location is higher.2. When irrigating, the position of the water inlet is high, and ensure that the position of the drain well is at a lower position.3. Generally, the water delivery and
Commands for use: Mainly used for capillary head give up manage (the right give up of the pull ring is hooked up to a 16mm drip tape, that is fixed through the pull ring; the left give up is hooked up to the water shipping most important pipe, which may be used for pe pipes (wall thickness more
PE Pipe Series
Offer amazing insulation. tube protects the, metallic, cable, wood and and many others towards to quick circuit, corrosion, oxidation, decay, abrasion, fracture and and many others. software location; can used for sealing reason of power, facts, telecom cables and automotive, digital, plane, train

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